July 13, 2017

The Black Rose p. 2

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So, basically for Camp Nano I'm making up The Black Rose comic as I go and posting the artwork here.
So far I've avoided drawing people as much as possible, cuz I haven't figured out how to digitally draw them so they look nice and don't take eons to draw.  I'm gonna have to draw the heroine next.  Sigh.
I feel really uncomfortable trying to layout a comic digitally.  I don't know why.  Well, even doing Darkhumor on paper seems hard.  Too used to messy sketching rather than making proper pages, I guess.

Also, this is Tari's novella that he won from the Deathmatch Tournament during the duels.  I guess he will show up sometime.

July 12, 2017

Camp Nano Doodle 1

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Just making digital art pages for Camp Nanowrimo.  I'm super behind, but it's something.

July 6, 2017

Portrait of the Mystery Lady

I'm probably just gonna call her Naomi, even though that was supposed to be character in Sheyla's story.  I don't know what's gonna happen here.

But I drew a better picture of her!

Now her eyes make sense.
And I'm apparently much better at digital painting rather than digital line art.  I guess that's good, because I want a more realistic style for my comics anyway.

July 5, 2017

Who Is She?

So, I haven't been very active online.  My stories have been struggling.  And I keep having an action-packed redhead show up, apparently intent on derailing all of my stories.
She seemed to have come from Sheyla's story, but I really doubt that now.  I think she is Naomi, but there is a Naomi in Sheyla's story.  Problems, problems.

Anyway, I just drew a messy digital picture of her, cuz I need to get used to digital and do something interesting.

Who is she?  Any ideas?  I can't tell if she's a goodguy or badguy.  At least not if she is connected to Sheyla's story.  But I think she needs her own story, she's likely to outshine everybody else otherwise.  (If I can draw people with their eyes level...maybe lineart is no good with my present tools compared to "painting" it...)

June 13, 2017

June Update

Well, I am excited to tell you that this last week I have worked likely crazy drafting page after page of story.   I'm on page 42 right now.  Quite intense.  It's fabulous.  With productivity like this my blog can take a little silence, poor thing.  But...there is a problem.

I worked on Sheyla's story.

Not Miranda's Madness, not Willowbrook, (but July Camp Nano might change that...?  Nah.)
Not even one of the runner-ups in the Deathmatch Test.
Nope, Sheyla Klark, last place.

What can I say?  Her story engages me more than all the others, and it's just lately that I've gotten a few breakthroughs on it to guide me through the beginning and end.

Also, Sheyla made me cry.  She didn't die, as is the usual case with my characters if they make me cry, however, the closer she gets to the ending, the harder life is for her, and the harder it is for her to stay alive.  I'm still not sure if she can make it to the end.

Or bring a sudden ending.


Why did you have to make enemies with half the galaxy, Sheyla?  (Because the Universe didn't like her to begin with.)

So, despite planning to make Willowbrook my main project, well, we know what happens to most plans I make.
I ignore them and they die.
Or I'm just that bad at predicting what plans will work.

Anyway, Sheyla is currently taking over my creative thought, but I am not likely to say much about her story as I work through it.  No spoilers, NONE!  (Except that you should expect people to die and stuff.)

However, her story is a webcomic.  Willowbrook is still a novel.  This at least makes them only indirect rivals.

Anyway, that was my interesting update, I think I'll go back to radio silence (MWAHAHAHAHAHA!) so I can keep drawing stuff.

*Sniff* Poor little blog, alone on these dark, windswept mountains...It sure is stormy out here--Oh look, it's Elda, flying over here to give a piece of her mind about Sheyla....

Let's just teleport away, shall we?  Now.

May 27, 2017

The Mystery of Miranda

If you had asked me yesterday how my writing was going, I would have replied, "Terrible."

But today?  This glorious 27th of May?
I wrote 12 pages of my story.  It's the real beginning this time.  It's pre-Willowbrook, when the three heroines meet each other (and the two heroes).  It seemed the most natural way for them to all end up at Willowbrook.  At present, the story is a mystery surrounding Miranda and her family, the Deleurians.  Of the plot, I shall say no more.

But I have not introduced the two heroes.  One is Ravak the dragon, who is still quite young, small, and snarkily mannered, though he is mature enough to learn his second language.  Actually, third.  Draconic is his first.  The other hero is Captain Darmer of the Caskoran Shadow Guard.  He is dangerous as he is rather inclined to steal Diandra's spot of Main Detective.  Also, he is good at killing people.  Though maybe it helps that he can turn invisible, for he is also a darkness mage.  And water and earth.  He likes to conjure roses out of thin air for his wife.  So that's that.
12 pages, my hand is tired.